For some time now, some of the business laptops offered by us display a “grade B” marking. Every once in a while, clients ask us about the meaning of the phrase “grade B” in the computer model’s name. We’ll try to explain it in the way we see the meaning of this phrase.

Over the years, we have sold thousands of devices originating from the lease companies of major Scandinavian corporations and mostly, they have been slightly used business laptops which have enough power and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, which means that they are suitable for many as a brand new computer, so to say.

The signs of use really are marginally small!

A couple of months ago, we brought some considerably cheaper business laptops to the market which have slightly more signs of wear and tear but the content of the device is the same and the warranty included also stays the same. The signs of wear usually manifest as a shiny keyboard, partial wear of the top layer of the touchpad, an indentation spot on the screen etc.

As experienced professionals, in our e-store we have described the state of the business laptops as thoroughly as possible, but at the same time, what may seem natural and easy for us to spot might not be noticed as the first thing by the client. A number of our clients have asked us where these “signs of wear” or “a brighter spot of indentation” are located exactly, and after showing these defects to the client they frequently say that they “wouldn’t have even noticed them”.

Some “grade B” devices also have minor cosmetic defects on the plastic or casing / traces of physical damage. If these are present, they are also mentioned in the text field describing the state of the products. But in any case, we certainly don’t sell any products that fall apart or have damage to such an extent that it interferes with the normal use of the device.

All in all, you can be sure that the used business laptops are exactly in the condition (or even in a better condition) as mentioned in the text field describing the state of the laptop. For users who don’t presume that the used computer must look like a new one, “grade B” is a completely safe choice, the device has all the usual functions intact, warranty is valid and it is approximately 50-150 Euros cheaper than the same computer without a “grade B” marking!

Here we list some sample pictures of used business laptops we consider “grade B”: