Why buy

We sell high-quality used equipment that has been tested and cleaned, and all this with the best price and service in Estonia and Latvia!

The new business class computer has proven its reliability, why choose a used business class computer?

  • For a business class device, we classify a device that costs newly € 1000+.
  • Business class devices have a useful lifespan of 5-6 years.
  • We offer only a-class computers with few traces of use.
  • You save 2/3 of the price comparing with new device, but you don’t lose in perfomance!
  • Timeless and solid design with thoughtful functionality.
  • Business class computer management is easier thanks to the manufacturer’s administrative software.
  • There are a lot of repair companies for business class devices.
  • Used accessories and components are available on the secondary market at good price.
  • Possibility to upgrade (SSD, HDD, memory, 3G, larger battery, etc.).
  • You save lot of money in a long period of time but will not lose your peace of mind because your computer will work fine and cover all your needs.

A checklist for buying and using a used computer

  • What functions will your computer complete?
    If you need a computer for “everything,” then look at the computer with a 14-15″ screen.
    If you want to carry your computer, choose a computer with a screen of 12-13″.
    If you’re constantly working with your computer at the table, then buy a dock and a larger monitor.
  • Set the price limit.
  • Determine, for how long time you buy the computer (reasonable for 2-3 years).
  • Find out if the product has a warranty.
  • Find out the condition of the computer (our website has “condition” section below all products).
  • Ask for more info on accessories and connectivity (HDMI, DP, VGA, etc.).
  • Upgrade your computer (add memory, new battery) if necessary.
  • Buy and use!
  • Clean the computer from dust once a year, it prolongs life!
  • Years later, if you need a newer or better device, sell or donate it. For example donate it to charity, because people’s needs are different and someone will definitely use it with pleasure!