Äriklassi sülearvuti versus odavklassi sülearvutiIf you plan to purchase a laptop, our solid advice would be to choose it from the range of business laptops, even if the business laptop isn’t brand new and has been used for some time. Why?

Because business laptops have higher quality, they’re durable and superior in any specification or detail – you won’t have to be disappointed by these computers. Here we list some arguments why you should prefer a business laptop:

  • Budget laptops use components manufactured as cheaply as possible, business laptops use components that have higher value, they are more durable and reliable – this is why the manufacturer offers a 3-year warranty.
  • Business laptops have a sturdy casing (such as aluminum, magnesium, carbon, titanium) and internal frame which protects the vital components of the computer. Cheap budget computers feature plastic or similar material cases which tend to show signs of wear quickly, break easily during an impact and don’t offer enough protection for the computer.
  • Budget laptops don’t have eye-friendly screens. Business laptops tend to have matte screens which boast high resolution and are less stressful for the eyes.
  • Business laptops are quiet, which means that their cooling systems are designed in a better way and the noise of the cooling fan is almost nonexistent.
  • Business laptops have better manufacturer support and these computers could be used for many years. Budget laptops usually offer only 1-2 years of manufacturer support and 1-year warranty as a rule.
  • Business laptops usually have a docking feature which makes the use of the laptop very convenient and simple and, as opposed to cheaper budget computers, the business laptops tend to catch the eye with many available accessories (ID-card reader etc).

In addition to previously mentioned points, business laptops have a number of great features which is vividly proven by the fact that the business laptops’ failure rate is no more than 2% and, based on our experiences, in the case of used business laptops, the failure rate is less than 1%! Because these computers are so durable, the warranty when buying them new is 3 years. Elektroonika24 offers a one year warranty for the slightly used laptops – we can afford to do it because we know that choosing a slightly used business laptop is a sensible choice both for your wallet and for your peace of mind – the laptops are priced cheaply and all your work flows smoothly.