We would like to be your advisor in the field of IT and Audio. Time and technical progress are moving at high speed, but often people do not need the latest and the most modern device but instead WORK-SAFE device! By choosing a high-quality used computer, you can save money and of course, the environment.

We can be trusted

  • we offer good price
  • we describe honestly disadvantages of the product in the condition section and we don’t sell “pig in a poke”
  • all devices are properly inspected before sale by us and we have replaced not working parts if necessary
  • we have been in the field of IT and Audio more than 10 years!

Our job is

  • advice customers when purchasing device from us
  • maintenance and repair in the field of IT / Audio / TV
  • wholesale and retail of used devices
  • providing complete solutions fo home and office, as well as sports and entertainment establishments

The range of our products originates mainly from Scandinavian leasing companies (IT) and from smaller domestic partners.

The range of products is constantly expanding, we offer high-quality products from recent past to this day, especially in the IT field. All devices are well-maintained and checked before sale, ensuring an average lifespan of 5-6 years (IT).

Business class computers have proven their credibility!


Company: Electronics OÜ
Reg. number: 12091054
VAT number: EE101598822

Open: Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00

Phone: +372 56 44 524
Email: info@elektroonika24.ee

Bank details

SWEDBANK IBAN: EE232200221052168371
SEB IBAN: EE131010220199728225
LHV IBAN: EE297700771001741956

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